A customisable and easy to use application needs an agile and effective technology.

Defacto has been designed for non-technical users who want to update and maintain their website with minimal fuss. We take care of the technology so you don't have to.

Defacto has been created using a framework called Django, which is written in Python. A little more about each is below, however if you have a specific question about the technology behind Defacto, see how FAQs section or call us.

The framework:

Django logoDjango is a "Rapid Application Development" Framework, billed as "The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines". It is an Open Source project used by the likes of the Guardian, New York Times and Washington post. Django has gained traction with online newspaper websites where scalability is a must.

The language:

Python logoPython is a programming language created about the same time as Java (in the early '90s). Python's dynamic nature is especially suited to agile web applications. It can run on any platform, however, we find that using Linux based hosting provides the best performance and reliability.


Verio logoHosting is a very specific business to be in, and since we focus on creating great websites, we use NTT Verio for high-uptime, reliable and stable hosting. There is cheaper hosting available, but if your site is important, it pays to go with the best. In the event of hardware failure (it can happen to anyone), we have daily backups and a tested recovery plan.

Software as a Service

Defacto is run as a service, which means that the people who know it best are in charge of creating sites and maintaining them ongoing. Upgrades, updates, maintenance and backups are all handled centrally in a systematic manner, which is much more effective than many separate teams doing the same thing.

That doesn't mean we don't integrate with external services though, the framework itself provides many options for communication and integration with other services. Whether it's JSON over HTTP, SOAP services, or another standard method, Defacto can talk to it.