Case Studies

My Agency

Creative branding agency, My Agency sought a Content Management System (CMS) that would enable them to maintain content on their website efficiently, simply and by non-technical editors.

Defacto was selected from the many available on the market primarily due to its ease-of-use. Having been created by a team of CMS and user interface experts, Defacto was crafted to make managing website content easy.

Sky Rainforest Rescue

When launching a three year campaign aiming to save 1 billion trees in the rainforest, Sky required a CMS that would enable their dedicated web team to edit the website easily. With an inspiring campaign attempting to encourage the public to donate £4 million, Sky selected Defacto after discovering how efficiently it would enable them to update content.

BDO United Kingdom

As one of the largest international accountancy networks, the BDO brand and online presence are key in supporting its worldwide users. Defacto was selected to host the redesigned site, providing the BDO UK team with a platform to easily maintain and update web content. The ability to maintain the website easily and intuitively was an ‘essential’ checkpoint for BDO.

Sky TV Accessibility

With inspirational accessibility standards and demanding functionality needs, Defacto was the only CMS that could successfully meet these requirements. As Defacto is both front and back-end accessible, Sky’s website editors, regardless of disabilities can edit web content. Additionally, Defacto automatically prompts editors to produce accessible content to go onto the live website.

HF Holidays

HF Holidays required a flexible Content Management System that would enable their web team to update website content quickly and easily.

With a non-technical web team, the back-end interface of the chosen CMS needed to intuitively support the web team in being able to easily edit content.