Before Nomensa decided to create our own content management system, we’d had very frustrating experiences with many different website editing systems. As a company specialising in user experience and passionate about humanising technology we decided there had to be a better way.

As experts in both web accessibility and usability, including a very talented in-house technology team, it was a logical step as a company to begin to develop a usable, accessible and flexible way of editing website content.

Every website is different. So rather than fitting your site into a set mould, we wanted to create a system that puts you in control. Defacto gives you total control over the layout, navigation and appearance of your website. 

Core Principles

Task oriented

Defacto was created to be task orientated and support the primary goals of quickly and easily managing and adding content.  If you need to add a page, you simply click ‘add page’. In just three intuitive steps content can be published live on the web.


Every website is different and this is the way it should be!

Defacto is extremely flexible allowing you to control and manage your website in the way that you want. Whether it’s the layout of the page, the navigation structure or the appearance of your pages, Defacto puts you in the driving seat. Find out more about the feature list of Defacto or check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients.


We take web accessibility very seriously. Not only will Defacto encourage you to produce accessible content, but the Defacto interface itself is fully accessible meaning that anyone regardless of any disability can manage website content.